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Healthy Role Models

The most supportive online COMMUNITY of women anywhere







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Healthy Role Models


HRM Success Stories 

"The transformations are phenomenal, but what you don't see are the changes that happen on the inside."

~ CEO Sarah Gilks

"I am so incredibly grateful for the HRM community. Throughout it all, communication in my house has improved between me and my husband and my children. I am more present in the moment and take joy in the small things. I am not rushing through life. I am loving moving my body and pushing myself harder than before. I am more comfortable with doing things that make me uncomfortable. I am no longer small, quiet and lonely.”

~ Jessie Mathie

Carolyn truly discovered that it really is that little bit “extra” that separate ordinary from EXTRAordinary! She shared:


~ “The chalkboard in my garage gym reminded me everyday that It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. It only matters what YOU are doing.  This was a big breakthrough for me not just in the gym, but in other areas of my life too….do a little bit extra and big results will follow.” 


~ Carolyn Brown


After losing her husband to cancer, and her children started to lead their own exciting, busy lives, Janet started to spiral down a path filled with unhealthy habits. Emotionally, she didn’t feel that she had the daily support that she needed. BUT, she found HRM, and says:


“This community gave me the support I needed - the Likes, the positive comments. They were the hugs I was missing” 


~ Janet Dent


We believe in healthy sustainable food choices for life.  Not a restrictive diet you go on to achieve a goal. 

Nutrition guidelines are an important part of the

HRM Journey TM

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Healthy Nutrition 


The HRM Mindset 

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We believe in making health a priority to care for ourselves, so we can better care for those we love. 

We believe in healthy, sustainable nutrition you can eat and enjoy every day ~ for life.

We believe that leading by example and working on a growth mindset is the best way to create lasting change. 

I'd love for you to join us,

We believe in making the world a better place by giving back and helping others locally and globally.

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Sarah Gilks Fitness Model

Helping Others Fuels Us

We are so proud of the international fundraising from all of the HRMs ~ a community of  Difference Makers!



K.I.D.S. International Development Society

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Our mission to create Healthy Role Models is about supporting and guiding physical and personal transformation. 


Through our transformational 12 week programs, we have witnessed not only thousands of personal transformations, but due to the positive actions of incredible women ~ women who wanted something more from life...something different ~ we have seen the ripple effect through whole families and communities! 


Within our programs, we teach you how to eat clean and how to exercise with focused intent for amazing results, and we also provide space for a beautiful community of like-minded women to come together where you will discover that you are so much stronger than you have ever thought yourself to be. 

Want to get some workouts, inspiration and great recipes free right now?

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