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Aaron Lukoni ~ Victoria, BC

Welcome everyone to the BEST JOURNEY!

Why is this the best journey you ask? Well, because YOU are here and whether this is your 1st or 100th journey, I can’t wait to share the adventure alongside you!  It’s the BEST because we are in it TOGETHER and this 12 weeks of community, commitment and consistency will change your life.

Its so true -  we all have multiple balls we juggle every day. Work, life, kids activities, husbands, friends, ummm pandemnic?!?!?! and now it’s time to really set our sights on ourselves, and our intentions to a place where all that strength comes from – within each of us – and you’ve done it by being a part of this journey.  You are taking this time to be your authentic self, and I’m so very honored you are here.

My backstory…that could take a while and a big glass of wine so to answer the most burning question yes I have a ‘male’ name - my parents wanted a first born son really, really badly.  They didn’t get it (obviously) but refused to change the name that they had decided on so here I am, rocking the A-A-RON and making that name stand tall and proud. Outside that name, I OWN my strong as I know all of you do every.single.day! And if you don’t feel it now, you are going to feel it by the end of this journey I promise you!

This will be my 8th journey with HRM and my first as an ambassador (cue applause and high fiving virtually!) and hello South Island Crew!! But the truth is that I could never be without this community.  I relate to so many of you beautiful woman out there as I’m a mother of three amazing daughters, work full time, and balance a heavy activity and volunteer schedule and I never thought that I could find the balance I needed to be the best role model for my daughters. I know that I need to emulate health, wellness, love for my body and show them how balance can be achieved so they can grow their minds and bodies in the best way possible.  

Most important is that THIS IS THE PLACE where you will find that sense of belonging. The sisterhood that will lift you up. The place you can find yourself and BE the BEST YOU both mentally and physically. The connections you are going to make in the next few months are going to be with you forever.  I’m speaking from the heart and from experience 😊

My superpower?  Organizational awesomeness – I can show you how to fit almost any kind of activity in even the most packed busy days – so don’t be shy and reach out.  Can’t wait to see you all on the page and help guide and lift you all up over the next few weeks!

There’s nothing YOU can’t do, and I am very excited to see how you all shine over the next few weeks.

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