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Alycia Campbell ~ Stonewall, MB

Hello beauties and welcome to Spring Journey 2021! I am so honoured and excited to be joining the Ambassador team for this journey. Welcome to this incredible community, we’re so glad you’re joining us! 


This is journey number 8 for me and I’ll let you in on a little secret. Spring has always been my favourite journey. There’s just something magical about committing to your health as we start to feel the warmth of the sun return and see the green on the trees. Getting outside with my family is one of my favourite ways to get moving. I’m married to my husband Alan and together we have two daughters. Lucy is going to be 6 and Maggie is going to be 3. We live just outside of Winnipeg in a cozy small town which we love. Weekly walks up town for the mail and groceries helps break up the week with fresh air and some extra steps. During the day I’m an Insurance Broker and in the evenings I spend my time in the studio teaching dance. I love the challenge that comes with both professions but being able to share my passion for dance with my students is definitely my bucket filler. 


I found Healthy Role Models in the way that I strive to share this community. I was a ripple. Two incredible women in my life started talking about running stairs and skipping rope while waiting for their kids to be done their activities. Watching these women make room in their life for movement was the kick in the butt I needed to remember that I can do that to. I was a new mom, heading back to work and trying to balance all the things that comes with that. So I started tagging along. I ran the stairs. And that’s all it took for me to find the value in the pride that comes from doing something for yourself and your health. I was hooked on that feeling and this incredible community. 


You’ll see me and my #girlsquad on the page often. They are my why. They certainly don’t do every exercise but they’re right there watching me as I do. I want to be strong for them as their mother, as a fellow woman and as a friend. They see me take on the physical challenge of the workouts and I want that to translate for them into their approach for handling what life will through their way. We can’t always be ready for everything but we certainly can be strong to take it on. 


Making room for this journey in your life may seem daunting. I know for me in the beginning it certainly did. All the things to learn and take in. You’ll hear lots of talk of the big O and that’s overwhelm. The feeling you get when uncertainty starts to push your why out of the way. If I can share any advice it would be to go with the flow and trust your gut. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Chanel the fear of the unknown into some grit and dig deep for that sweat. Reach out to me and this community. We’ll help you every step of the way. Goals come and go but we can always fuel the fire we need to live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s do this! 


Alycia Campbell

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