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Carol Church ~ Sherwood Park, AB 

Hello Beautiful women and welcome to Spring 2021 Journey!  I am so excited and honoured to be chosen as one of your ambassador team, and look forward to the opportunity paying forward my gratitude for this amazing community!

My name is Carol Church (Churchey) on the page, and I happily share my consistency and positivity with you!  I am committed to my physical and mental health through the daily habit of movement. And I most especially love seeing, cheering and encouraging the activity and wins of many other like minded women!

I am a 62 year old wife to a very supportive hubby of almost 41 years, who is also my biggest cheerleader;  Mom to 2 beautiful young ladies, and Nana to 6 gorgeous grandchildren.  I am a recently retired RN with a background in critical care!

I have always led an active lifestyle, participating in many sports, and also enjoying pursuits of hiking, biking, and rock climbing.  I really never worried about weight or fitness as it was a huge part of my daily life.... Then cancer struck our lives( hubby),and the realization of continued treatments coupled with aging looming on the horizon drove us to move closer to the city. After 25 + years in the same workplace and community I was suddenly displaced into an unknown and unfamiliar environment of fear and inactivity due to obligations! Coping with ALL the things left no time for me and suddenly I felt lost, unworthy and so alone! On an extra shift at work I happened to overhear a conversation between a couple of co workers ( one of whom I secretly admired) a glowing description of her journey with HRM.  Her words sparked an immediate “ I want that kind of happiness back in my life”

Enter HRM... and now beginning my 8th journey I have gained and grown exponentially💖.  I have gained a treasured friend and fitness partner, but more importantly I have 100% improved my outlook on life. This community has changed my perspective on what I am capable of. I had allowed myself to be defined and consumed by the illness and fears and limitations of aging and inability to find new friends.   I have learned that simple realistic goal setting, consistency, a positive attitude, practicing gratitude, and a lot of grit and grace are some of the tools HRM can provide. These tools have helped restore the feelings of self worth and self confidence.  I have healthy new habits that create and sustain physical and mental health. This community is a sustainable lifestyle and each journey can uncover new potential! A community filled with powerful inspiring women who all have a story, but still strive toward being the best they can be!  Supportive, encouraging, uplifting, filled with love and compassion!
  I have so much admiration and pride in you for choosing to empower yourself and create the best “ you”  I am honoured to cheer you on and to be alongside you on this journey!


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