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Chris Seida ~ Sturgeon County, AB


Welcome to the Spring 2021 Journey! I’m so honoured to be an ambassador for this journey and am so excited that you’ve chosen to join this amazing community of women. They really are amazing!

My name is Chris Seida, I am 41 and live in St. Albert with my husband of 18 years and 3 teenage girls. That’s right, all girls! They are (almost) 13, 15 & 16 and keep us very busy with sports & activities.
This will be my 7th journey with HRM and I can’t wait! I have been a very athletic person all my life. I played a lot of volleyball and enjoyed lots of different activities like skiing and slow pitch. Then life with 3 kids got busy and the things I was interested in started to fall away and my role as a mom was the only thing left.
I suddenly found myself approaching my 40’s at the heaviest and most out of shape I had ever been. I had back trouble, plantar fasciitis and no desire to do anything active. That just wasn’t me. I wanted to be active with my kids and have fun together as a family. I realized I needed to start making some changes.

A friend of mine introduced me to Healthy Role Models. I watched her do a few journeys and I wasn’t interested yet but suddenly, Spring 2018 I was ready and I wanted in! I signed up and jumped ALL in!
I was expecting a fitness program to help me lose weight. What I found was so much better. HRM is so much more than just a fitness program. It is a community of women supporting women, walking alongside each other, inspiring and encouraging each other. 
This program has not only helped me become stronger and healthier physically, it has helped me become more confident and find myself again. I am a better mom for it and better role model for my girls.

When I started my first journey there were absolutely no photos of me in my phone or recent ones in the house to use for my introduction. I always hid BEHIND the camera. Taking those first few selfies was hard but I had committed to being all in, so I did! Now my phone is full of selfies and my girls tease me about it!

I have met so many amazing women over my 6 HRM journeys and have done lots of activities with them like stairs, mountain biking, hiking in the mountains, surf yoga, the list goes on. I’ve also had the courage to try new things on my own like Stand Up Paddle boarding, kayaking, goat yoga, & zip lining.

I am so excited for this Spring Journey! It is time for fresh starts, new beginnings and being active together! I can’t wait to do this journey alongside you and support and encourage you 💙 Meeting new and returning HRMs is one of my favourite things and I can’t wait! I love answering questions so please reach out if you need to.

I’m so glad you’re here. You are worth it and you CAN do this!  We’ve got this ladies!


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