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There is something so special and unique about our Healthy Role Model community, that it is hard to put into words.  It is the feeling of belonging to something bigger.  The feeling and knowing that YOU are having an impact and making a difference, not only with your own health, but in your family, in our community, and in the world.  We know that deep down, everyone wants to feel loved and like they belong somewhere, and that they are supported in their hopes, dreams and goals, and that is the environment that we covet and nurture here.  There is no one that will tell you that you can't achieve something, but instead, everyone asks “how can I help?” and celebrates you every step of your journey.  Imagine having a positive, supportive circle of friends EVERY day, and the mindset and tools to help you reach your goals.


A big part of our Healthy Role Model community, is giving back ~ “being the change”, and linking arms with local organizations to help raise funds and awareness for their cause.


Our past Healthy Role Models programs have raised thousands of dollars for a local organization that works with young girls teaching them about healthy living, positive body image and self-esteem.  Through the efforts of the women in our programs, we were able to create a bursary fund, so that young girls who financially wouldn’t be able to attend, were able to enjoy and soak in the positivity of these camps and workshops.


We then linked arms with a non-profit society, “Jesse’s Gift Foundation”.  As some of you may know, Sheri was a participant in a couple of our past challenges, and in June of 2013, she and her partner Mike lost their 6 week old baby girl, Jesse.  They are now on a mission to create a LEGACY in Jesse’s name, first purchasing a piece of equipment for our local hospital for $60,000, and now working towards their bigger vision of having a home built for families to stay in while their children are in the Nanaimo hospital (both NICU and pediatrics). 


We are currently working with a beautiful organization called, K.I.D.S. ~ Kids International Development Society, (www.kidsdevelopmentsociety.org) founded by Adrianne and Rick Lennert, after they lost their daughter, Danielle, when she was killed by a drunk driver.  Adrianne and Rick travel to developing countries where, using their own funds as well as funds that have been donated, they assist with the basic needs for the communities they work with including: housing, clean water, medicine, schools, educational supplies, transportation and small business grants.  


Since Spring of 2015, our Community has raised approximately $167,000 and have built and funded so many different projects in Cambodia.  From building clean drinking water towers, computer labs, building a new classroom and re-furbishing a school, to being able to build brand new homes for families, fund a medical clinic and also a Girls home that brings in young girls and provides them a new lease on life ~ the women in our Community are helping to create a massive impact.


It is SO fulfilling and rewarding for all of us to know that we play a part in the RIPPLE EFFECT that they are having!


Come and join us ~ be a part of our community, build new friendships, be a part of something bigger, become a Healthy Role Model and be the change that this world needs.


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