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Hi, I’m Courtney! 

  There are a many things I love in life: my family, my cats, Hawaii, my husband (though not necessarily in that order), I love the quiet breeze that floats through the trees, nature, island life, bright colours, laughing until it hurts, getting out of my comfort zone, performing, dancing around like a wild woman, and Creating! From the time I was a little girl, I always loved to do anything that allowed me to be creative – singing, acting, painting, building forts in the woods, whether I was awesome at it or not (i.e. painting or acting) - I was just happy to create and feed that part of me!


That is why I love photography so much! For the last 7 years, I’ve been blessed to be working alongside my husband and my best friend, photographing newlyweds, couples, families and portrait clients, crafting and creating, lasting memories! Capturing the tears when a father gives his daughter away to be married, when woman gives me a genuinely joyful smile in her boudoir session after tough season of life, or when a couple wants to tell their epic love story and include bungee jumping from a bridge…It is exhilarating, rewarding and I love it! 


As a fellow HRM, I’m truly excited to be part of the Healthy Role Models team, now as one of the lucky photographers! This program has meant so much to me over the past few seasons, it has opened my up to truly love myself at every stage of life I’m in, given me the strength and stamina to work 15 hour wedding days, take hikes, own staircases, be thrilled when I’m sweating, and enjoy a much healthier life! You are an incredible group of courageous, loving and supportive women and I am blessed to be part of this group! 


I cried after seeing my photos from my first HRM photo shoot, so I know just how much this experience means for YOU! I’m here to help you celebrate your beauty, femininity and your incredible success! As they say, “Life is a journey”, so thank you for inviting me to capture a small piece of yours! I can’t wait to find out more about the incredible woman you are, and photograph you!





Courtney Julien

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