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Dawn Meek ~ Brandon, MB

Welcome to the greatest community of support, friendships, and inspiration! I am honoured to be an Ambassador with so many beautiful, powerhouse role models! 


I am a proud member of the #Brandoncrew and #MBcrew. I am a wife, mom of 2, friend, sister, daughter, all of the things! After 21 years as a hairstylist, I am in the process of finding a new dream. It’s presented its challenges, especially with the world in its current state, but I am enjoying the journey of discovering new skills I possess as well as determining what brings me joy! 


I have literally “been there and done that”. Throughout majority of my adult life I had gained and lost weight trying every fad diet, every new gimmick for a quick fix. I was totally unhealthy both mentally and physically. It was a vicious cycle for me. 


In 2015, my mom passed away and I hit an all time low. I was so unhealthy and unhappy, it was affecting a lot of my relationships and my day to day life. 


In 2016, a good friend introduced me to Healthy Role Models. I instantly loved the girl power mentality, but I was hesitant to jump in with both feet. The whole “women are petty” was lingering in the back of my head. Never have I ever been more wrong! These woman constantly encourage, inspire and help shape the direction your path is going in, ultimately it’s up to you to force the path, but these beautiful souls are there to help you when you fall, and cheer you on no matter what! The sisterhood bond is stronger than ever! 


I’ve had plenty of highs and lows, some journeys were more successful than others, shining moments, and moments where I’m doubting every choice I make. But you know what? I never quit. There might be pauses, and lulls, but the opportunity presents itself daily to dive back in for another chance. 


It wasn’t until this past year, when Covid started taking over the world, and I had the time to really zero in on what was working for me and what needed to change. I went from thinking this was just a 3 month journey each Spring and Fall, to realizing that this truly does become a lifestyle. I think 24/7 about making the next choice a better one, pushing myself a bit harder each workout, and how every single HRM I have met along the way, is now my friend. 💕 

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