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Deborah Fleming ~ Smithers, BC

Hi there, I live in Smithers, BC with my wonderful supportive husband and a strong northern crew of ladies.  This will be my 7th consecutive journey, my first as an ambassador.  I am thrilled to have been chosen as an ambassador and I am so excited to share this journey with you!


I love cycling - if it has 2 wheels I'm in! You will find the biggest grin on my face at the bottom of a downhill mountain bike ride!  I am also a snowboarder and a new runner, starting these activities late in life has really emphasized the need for me to be fit and strong!


I have struggled in the past and have been overweight and unfit most of my adult life, even though I enjoy a variety of activities.  In my early 40s I had some health issues that really highlighted the fact that I needed to do something.  At 46 I finally made the real commitment to my health, with the support of my new husband, I signed up for my first HRM journey.  I thought that at least there would be some good workouts and maybe I would find some people to hike or walk with.  My sister, and my healthy role model, said - just promise me you will keep an open mind and trust the process.  Ok…what had I gotten myself into?!!  Funny, she was right, it is the things I wasn't expecting that have made the biggest impact for me and have really helped me build a healthy lifestyle and has me excited to get up and challenge myself every day!


I get so excited when people ask me about HRM, I always start by saying this program is the whole package; tools and guidance for the mind, body and soul that provide building blocks for  a sustained healthy lifestyle.  I started slowly, absorbing the information and each week I have been able to incorporate a little more of the learnings into my routine.  Building this consistency and making lifestyle choices have been the key for me.  And yes, I have met great ladies to go hiking with, but it is the cheer squad that shows up when you need a little extra push or celebrates your wins -  this community of women that supports each other that I am most proud to be a part of.


While I celebrate how far I have come, I have some big plans this journey and I am thrilled to have you all here with me as we strive towards our goals.  Let's do this!!

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