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Jackie Palmer ~ Selkirk, MB


Hey there pretty ladies!! Ready to ROCK Spring 2021? I know I am!! I am beyond excited and humbled to be an ambassador for this journey again!! As I embark on my sixth  journey, I look forward to using the knowledge and experience I have acquired to mentor and encourage others, while continuing to learn, grow and thrive. 


I can’t wait to connect with both new and familiar HRMs on the page, at local meet ups (when allowed), at virtual meet ups and, at special events. This community is truly like no other in the way that it gives members a safe and positive place to be seen and heard. Surrounding myself with people who cheer for me, listen to me, support me, and help me to recognize my growth, has been such an integral part of the success I have had and continue to have. It has taken me to a place where my inner advocate is getting louder than my inner critic.


I’ll be honest with you, when I started my first journey I felt overwhelmed and nervous. I had been struggling for many years with postpartum illnesses, an old and persistent injury, juggling of my many roles (wife, mother, daughter, teacher...), being overweight and quite sedentary, and very limiting views of what my body was capable of doing. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wasn’t in this alone, and that, with HRM, I was set up for success with access to tools, mentors, and professionals. Praise prep week!!


Fast forward to the present, and I’m so proud that, when I look at pictures of myself, I see a confident, strong, and powerful woman embracing who she is. I recognize that pictures, measurements, and how my clothes fit best highlight my hard work and I have stopped focusing on the number on the scale. Being active and fueling my body properly has become my lifestyle. I have learned that this lifestyle is achievable no matter WHEN or WHERE you start. I am a caregiver by nature and, before HRM, I would burn myself out mentally and physically trying to look after others’ wants and needs before my own. I have learned to value myself and to make my health and wellness a priority. 


I wish you all a successful journey and I’m looking forward to seeing you sparkle on the page!!


xxoo ~ Jackie

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