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Jacqueline Bennett ~ Victoria, BC

Hello, HRM beauties and welcome to the Spring 2020 Journey!!!

My name is Jacqui Bennett and this will be my 12th journey and my 4th as an Ambassador. I am beyond excited and very honoured to be one of your Ambassadors for this journey.

A little bit about me, I am married to a wonderful husband who was my teenage sweetheart and we have an eight year old son James and a one year old puppy Bella. I am an Emergency Dispatch Coordinator for Fortis BC (LOVE my job) and work full time. We live in Victoria BC and one of our favourite past times is boating on our 34’ catamaran. During the summer months, you will find us exploring the Gulf Islands as much as we can enjoying hiking, kayaking and taking many long walks.

I joined HRM back in the Fall of 2015 when I was at my heaviest weight and not very happy in life. I had been fairly active in previous years doing mainly bootcamps or gym workouts but I never fully committed to anything. When I first heard about this group I honestly thought, “How much could an on-line fitness group truly help me?” I was admittedly skeptical but shortly after joining I could see how special this group truly was. I discovered one of the main things missing for me before…Connection! This is one of the most unique things about HRM, connection. It is what brings the magic. I had no idea that a group of on-line women could keep you motivated and be so supportive. So different from
anything I had done and I have been hooked ever since. By being so connected to the group and learning all that I can, I feel more empowered and confident than I ever have before. HRM isn’t just about exercise, it is SO much more. It is a journey of learning how to live a healthier life but it is also a journey of mental wellness and learning to love yourself and every imperfect part of you! I have suffered from anxiety for years and used to have to take medication to keep it at bay. It was after starting this program that I was able to stop. Daily movement is my medicine! 

Every journey has been a little different for me. I have had journeys where the exercise was my complete focus and others nutrition (my monster!) and I have also been knocked out by injury. Even when I was out I still stuck with the program. I found that I needed that connection to keep my awareness of health and nutrition going. This connection also helped me to learn the phrase “What CAN I do” instead of “I CAN’T do”. This is a life journey and we will always have ups and downs but the most important part is that we keep taking steps forward no matter how big or small.

Each person’s journey is unique and it is so important to remember to not compare yourself’ to others. Some are here for their first journey and some are here for their 11 th !! My advice to new comers is to take advantage of all this program has to offer and go into it slowly. It can be overwhelming at the start but the information is so rewarding. Soak it all in. I made a commitment to make my health a priority so that I would be a better person for myself and my family and I am excited and honoured to help you along your journey to achieve your health and wellness goals as I continue towards mine too!!