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Janet Dent ~ Winnipeg, MB


I am so excited, and honoured, to be one of the Ambassadors for the 2021 Spring Journey.


This is my 13th leg of an incredible, LIFE CHANGING JOURNEY. I began in the Spring of 2015 when our daughter, Leslie, introduced me to the Healthy Role Models community. My husband had passed away in the summer of 2004, at the age of 52, and it took me a long time to realize I needed to drag myself out of the dark hole that grief dragged me into. 


I was never an athletic person. I tried something new to “get me into shape” during each decade of my adult life; but the actions, and results, were short-lived. This community is different! We have an amazing support team that provides us with workouts, including follow-along and instructional videos created by professional personal trainers; nutritional information so that we can make healthy choices; physiotherapy support services, and so much more. More importantly, to me, we are always learning and practicing positive mindset strategies, which help us create new habits. These new habits, and meeting so many like-minded women across Canada, and around the world, have opened many doors of opportunity for me. 


Active Travel is on my list of goals, and because of the HRM community, I participated in 5k runs in Nanaimo; 10k runs in Victoria; hiked trails I never would have seeked out in Scottsdale, Nanaimo, and Manitoba; attended a spin class in Las Vegas; and tried one time events of Crossfit and Boxing. In September 2018, I joined a group of 8 other HRMs to hike Mt. Rainier in Washington. I made it to the 10,000’ mark, and one of our group made it to the Summit! In September 2019, a group of 12 HRMs spent 5 days cycling the roads of Lake Garda, Italy!!! And in January 2020, a group of 12 HRMs and ripples visited Cambodia to see the impact our fundraising has made; and to help paint a school. It was a life changing trip. All of these opportunities are with people I would not have met without the Healthy Role Model community of like-minded women. I look forward to when travel is again permitted.


Covid restrictions changed the way we do things, but we were able to pivot easily because of the online community already created. Our face to face group events and other meet-ups became virtual. The positive aspect is we have been much more inclusive. Our MBcrew held virtual welcome and check in parties. I believe this will be the norm in our future; and not because of self isolation.


When Manitoba allows gatherings again, we will have social distancing group events every week. For example, if you visited Winnipeg, you might find us running Stairs at the Forks on Sundays; running around St. Vital Park on Mondays; doing Hill HIITs on Tuesdays/Thursdays; sweating through spin classes on Wednesdays; stretching at yoga classes on Thursdays; and running trails on Saturdays. Sharing these events in our HRM private Facebook group is inspiring to us all, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for ladies who are able to travel. 


In the meantime, we are hosting VIRTUAL events! This means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to participate! You can do a Zoom HIIT every day of the week!!! Our mbcrew hosts one on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings. And you can spin / run with us virtually as well. We are planning so many exciting virtual events for the Spring Journey!


Organizing and participating in Group Events is one of my WHYs. My MAIN WHY is our 7 grandkids. I want to be someone they want to hang out with, and I want to participate in as many activities with them as possible. Being retired, I have the time to learn new things, and being fit allows me to try more new things with them - pushing my comfort zone. Keeping up with grandkids who range in age from 5 to 19 can be fun! I am grateful I am ABLE.


Another “reason for being” is helping others find their potential. As a member of the Healthy Role Models community, we are accountable to ourselves and each other through our private FB group. This is also a place where we can inspire, nudge, cheer, and (virtually) hug each other. Personal Growth through Sarah Gilks’ teachings, listening to audiobooks, attending events (in person and virtual), and learning from podcasts, has given us tools to support and bring each other up. 


This community is so strong and powerful. We learn from each other. We push each other. We encourage each other. We relate to some, admire many, and yearn to be like others. The Healthy Role Models community is really the best place to be; for me; for the rest of my life! I am grateful to Sarah Gilks for following her VISION and creating this safe place for all of us. I really believe it has saved my life. 


And, as an Ambassador, I am grateful to share my learnings with as many other HRMs as possible.