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Jill Hewitt ~ Ladysmith, BC


Ladies! I am so happy that you are here! I am humbled and honored to be chosen as one of your ambassadors for our Spring 2021 Journey. The positive energy of this community is infectious, and it’s hard not to fall in love with every aspect of HRM.

My name is Jill and I live in Ladysmith, BC with my wonderful family. I have two young girls, and know that HRM has already had such a positive impact on their lives. They are my biggest cheerleaders, and I know that they are watching and listening to EVERYTHING that I do. I want my girls to grow up in a world with women cheering on and supporting one another, instead of competing against them… and HRM is exactly this!

This will be my 12th journey, and every journey I learn something new about myself. This community has been a major part in my postpartum journey; two beautiful girls in less than 2 years, the health of my marriage and my overall well-being. I can honestly say that I have met some of the most amazing women through this program, some of which are like family! I cannot picture my life without HRM, and I hope you discover just how magical it is, like some many others have.

I love to experiment in the kitchen, and love creating plant-based meals. I have been a vegetarian for over 12 years, and enjoy sharing recipes and how I food prep for the week. Questions about plant-based cooking? Message me!


I’m an avid runner and hiker in the Cowichan Valley, and love company if you’re ever interested in joining me!

Immerse yourself in the community, have fun, and really trust the process. HRM may just become the family that you never thought you needed (or maybe you did). I really hope that I can inspire and support you through your journey. It is YOUR journey, after all. Remember that.

Jill xoxo