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Lea Smith


Nutrition and Wellness Coach


I see you…yes, you! A woman who doesn’t trust her body and feels uncomfortable in her own skin. A woman who feels she is doing the right things, but isn’t getting results. A woman who has tried and ‘failed” at countless diets, and is left feeling more confused than ever. I see you..because I WAS you.

My Name is Lea!

I’m a Perioperative Nurse in Nanaimo, BC. I’ve been with my amazing husband, Nick Since 2006. We have two golden doodles, Maple and Willow. I’m also a VERY proud auntie to my two besties children! It’s such an important and fulfilling role in my life.

Throughout my early childhood, teens, and twenties, I flopped back and forth between overweight and obese. From the age of 8, I tried many diets and was at war with my body. In 2011, my father passed away suddenly. Amongst the grief I asked myself, “How can I honour him?” I knew I had some lifestyle changes to make, and this time, they had to be about HEALTH. Around the same time, I was accepted into Nursing school, and learned I had some hormonal imbalances. This deepened my commitment to learning more about my body, and nutrition. In early 2012 I was introduced to the creator of Healthy Role Models (HRM), and my life was changed in allllll the best ways! I immersed myself in everything HRM had to offer…The workouts, the lifestyle habits, the friendship and connection! By joining this community, I gained all of the tools I need to live a happy, healthy life. These days, I am SO grateful for my health, strength, capable body, and soul filling friendships.

Over the years, there have been times with a lot of loss, family illness, injury, and stress, but all of these challenges have brought a greater level of knowledge and understanding of health. I believe, the only way to fail, is to quit, and that’s something I’ll never do!

In 2019, I set out to create further hormonal balance, and level up my health even further, learning a ton in the process. By focusing on what I believe are absolute foundational, yet rarely practiced routines, I was able to significantly INCREASE my food and carbohydrate intake, put on muscle mass, boost my metabolism, and loose and additional 25 lbs of body fat in less than a year. Most importantly, I FEEL fantastic. 

I LOVE supporting and uplifting other women, and you’ll find so much of that here with my one on one coaching. More than anything, I want you to wake up FEELING fantastic and have the energy to LIVE your life! You *may* even experience a bit of my tough love attitude. I’m known for being “honest all the time, with compassion”. Often, when someone challenges our current way of thinking it can be uncomfortable, and it may even push a few buttons, but AMAZING growth and change can come from that, and there’s nothing better than watching someone grow into the best, happiest, most empowered version of themselves.


Lots of love.. And just a touch of bossy,


Coach Lea xoxo


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