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Leah Sheffield ~  St. Albert, AB

Hello and welcome to the most amazing, positive community of women you will ever know!  My name is Leah and this is my 7th HRM journey and my third as an ambassador. I am super excited and honoured to be here once again as a source of support to each and every one of you.

You will hear us say over and over again that the community you will find here is a place of magic.  This is not an exaggeration! Never before have I had the joy of belonging to such a fun, powerful, up-lifting group of people.  The support and the energy is limitless and it is all here for YOU, all you have to do is show up and put yourself out there.  WE.GOT.YOU.

I am a wife of 18 years and a mom of 4 amazing young women with only one left at home.  When I first discovered HRM I had found myself with a lot more me-time than I knew what to do with.  (Yes, that can actually happen!!)  I had also moved to a new city and didn’t know anybody.  I was lonely…sooooo lonely and sad and stuck in a rut on my couch with a bag of chips. I joined HRM to meet like-minded women and get back in shape - it was best decision I ever made!  I found my tribe ☺

One of the most important things I have learned through my 3 year HRM journey is the importance of goal setting.  It sounds simple doesn’t it?  But it has really taken me a long time to figure out what kinds of goals are the most motivating for me.  At first I started off with nothing but visual goals – I KNEW how I wanted to look!  I plastered my vision board with pictures of beautiful women with ripped six pack abs and all the muscle definition in their legs and arms.  And then I quickly learned that for me (and for many of us), these goals are great but they may take much longer to achieve than we think they will.  I have gradually learned to supplement these visual goals with way more goals that are about what I want to be able to DO and how I wish to FEEL: 

“I want to be able to go on a mountain hike with fit friends and not be afraid I won’t be able to keep up.”

“I want to feel confident and happy in my bikini playing in the water at the beach with my daughter.”

“I want to feel STRONG doing push ups – first 5, then 10, then 15…”

“I am going to run 8 sets of stairs in under 30 minutes.”

I try to capture images that reflect these feelings and physical accomplishments in creative ways when I build my vision boards.  When you reflect on your WHY and begin to focus on some goals for your journey, include as many of these “Do and Feel” goals as you can.  Trust me! These are tangible and achievable and they will motivate the heck out of you! 

As you embark on your Spring 2021 journey, here are my favourite 2 quotes that might work for you too:  

1. “Never break a promise you make to yourself.”  This was a game changer for me – when I finally started giving myself the same love and respect as I was giving to everyone else in my life, everything changed.  

2.  “It’s not who you ARE that holds you back; it’s who you THINK you’re NOT.”  Just think about that one for a while…you know those self-limiting thoughts you have about what you can’t do, don’t like, or are just not good at?  Guess what?  YOU have the power to change that! Embrace that power and your life will change for the better!

Now – let’s go crush this journey shall we?

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