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Megan Gray Lysne ~ Parksville, BC


Hello and Welcome to this incredible life changing community of inspiring ladies! I am so honoured to be one of the Spring 2021 Ambassadors and I'm looking forward to sharing another incredible journey with you all. 

My name is Megan and I'm married to my high school sweetheart. Together we have a 12 year old Son and a 4 year old Daughter and I work as a Vet Assistant and Receptionist at a busy clinic. With all the titles life blesses us with it's easy to get lost and caught up in the daily shuffle. This journey will help you learn to put yourself back on the priority list. As the saying goes "You can't pour from an empty cup". You have to look after yourself first in order to have something to offer others. 

I started Healthy Role Models in Autumn of 2017. I was at my all time heaviest and my health was suffering for it. A friend had been telling me about HRM and I finally took the plunge and joined on my birthday. It has been the BEST gift I've ever given myself. I admit I was the kid in high school that got a "P" in gym class, just barely Pass. Who knew you could actually get that letter grade! Now I enjoy my workouts, I run for fun and because I can, and have even traveled to Vegas to run in an event. I've hiked mountains and trails that I used to only dream of and the best part is I can play and keep up with my active kiddos.

My advice to you is become the best student you can be. Jump head first and trust the process. You CAN absolutely do this! I'm very excited to cheer you all on and watch you set and crush your goals!

-Megan aka: Meganator😊

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