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Midge Smith ~ Duncan, BC

Hi, My name Midge Smith and I will be fifty-nine years young this May, happily married and have two beautiful daughters and blessed to have two awesome grandchildren.  My family is my “Why”

I am normally an active person, but I’ve learned with HRM how important it is to take the time for you, the consistency of the workouts, food prep and tracking my macros is a game changer for me.

Wow, this will be my fifth journey and really it gets better and better.  I love this community for so many reasons, making my health #1, the support you get from everyone cheering you on, whether it’s a one sticker day or a three sticker day! The strength you gain from the workouts gives you confidence to take on anything and the connections and friendships are priceless.

I want to be here to cheer you on and see you reach your goals and have fun doing it.

We are stronger together 💕

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