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Natasha Wilch

Healthy Role Models Physio


Community! The love, power and growth you can experience when you surround yourself with inspiring people ~ and that is exactly what HRM is!  I joined HRM myself almost by accident - 5 mins of courage after a friend recommended it and thank gosh I did!

I have now had the pleasure of being your HRM PHYSIOTHERAPIST for the last 5 years!  The world of physio includes so many different avenues to take the profession.  I believe in working with my clients, empowering them in their health journey, giving them the tools to keep moving forward on their path towards their goals. I am that therapist who is constantly thinking about how I can best serve my clients ~ some would say I think “outside the box”.  

My passion in working with clients, mentoring and teaching has led me down so many paths over these years.  I am the owner of Symphony Rehabilitation - a multi disciplinary clinic offering Ortho PT, Pelvic Health, Concussion, Neuro, Clinical Counselling, Breath Control Therapy, Yoga and more ~ I believe in collaborative care!  We are located in Nanaimo but we were also one of the first clinics to offer Telehealth (Virtual) services in Canada (HRM was one of the main reasons I started offering virtual care ;) ) and this led me to winning Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017!   I am the Co-Founder of Concussion Compass ~ an Online platform for people living with persistent concussion symptoms to change the trajectory of their recovery; and I also teach online courses to clinicians on how to transition their businesses online!! 

I am so honored to have been recognized for the work I have done also being awarded the Top20under40 Business & Community Achievement Award as well as then 2020 Physiotherapy Excellence in Leadership Award.

But you know what ....... without HRM this moment of where I am in my life would be so different!!  HRM surrounded me with support when I was scared, motivation when I holding back, and women and a community that changed my life!!

I am so excited you are here!!! 


**Disclaimer** ~ Natasha is not in the forum to diagnose, treat, or attempt to cure any ailments, but will respond to general questions and point you in the right direction. It is always best to seek individualized or specific advice in person.