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Paula Flemming - Port Alberni, BC


I’m Paula but also go by PK. I live in Port Alberni with my very supportive HRM husband. This will be my 12th journey and 6th as an ambassador. I was drawn to HRM by the incredible energy and sense of community; this is so much more than an online fitness group.

I have always been active and fairly healthy but never strong and fit. At 47, I am continuing to get fitter and stronger both physically and emotionally! I enjoy weight training and cardio, which now includes cycling. I took up cycling this year to train for a group HRM adventure.

Eating healthy and nutritious meals has become a way of life. I enjoy trying new recipes and food prep is one of my favourite hobbies. I have learned that with taking the time to plan and prep it saves me so much time throughout the week and it helps keep me on track. I still enjoy a good glass of wine and have a major sweet tooth, but I believe in balance and don’t deny myself some indulgences.

I love the connections that I have made in Port Alberni and with HRMs from different communities. In the past I often let anxiety get the best of me. I felt lonely and was missing out. The tools I’ve gained through HRM have taught me to step out of my comfort zone to connect with others. It is work but it is worth it to be surrounded by so many supportive and inspiring women.

I am a dedicated HRM and enjoy getting together with others in healthy active ways including working out, hiking, yoga and more. I am honoured to be apart of your journey.


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