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Rachel Wu

Healthy Role Models Physio


My name is Rachel Wu, and I am proud to be your #HRMPhysio.  I started HRM in Spring of 2018 when I felt my lowest for energy and patience with my young family.  I couldn’t stay consistent to any form of movement and tried so many crash diets to shed a few pounds.  As a Physiotherapist, I knew that regular exercise would be key to my physical and mental health.  Enter Healthy Role Models, and I never looked back.

I graduated from the University of Manitoba’s School of Medical Rehabilitation in 2009.  At the time, I was dipping my toes into both hospital care at St Boniface Emergency Department and private practice in a rural setting.  Neither area seemed to light my fire, so I jumped all in to creating my own space, Teulon Physiotherapy clinic in 2010.  This is and will always be my first baby as I took a leap into the entrepreneurial world and grew a full-time practice in my hometown.  In 2013 I was offered the ownership and management position at Elite Sports Injury, St James in Winnipeg.  With the support of my husband working in Teulon, I was able to work in a multidisciplinary clinic within a large organization.  After 9 years, we have expanded the Elite’s St James clinic into a state-of-the-art facility shared with Elevate Sports Recovery and Performance Center.

Physiotherapy is an ever-evolving profession and I love to learn.  Over my 13-year career, I have taken several musculoskeletal courses to address concerns from head to toe.  I am constantly intrigued by how the body moves and am certified in SFMA, FMS and FCS all of which are various movement analysis scans.  In addition to being very hands on with manual therapy and instrument assisted massage during treatment, I am certified in both acupuncture and functional dry needling.

Being a part of the HRM team is welding my 2 passions of healthy living and physiotherapy together.  I am SO excited to be on this journey with you all!


**Disclaimer** ~ Rachel is not in the forum to diagnose, treat, or attempt to cure any ailments, but will respond to general questions and point you in the right direction. It is always best to seek individualized or specific advice in person.

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