Selina Andres ~ Parksville, BC

Hello gorgeous! Welcome to Spring Journey 2021! 


I'm a mom of two energetic kids (Kira - 8 in September and Rex - 3) and wife to the most incredibly supportive and encouraging husband, Dean! This will be my 6th journey with Healthy Role Models and I'm incredibly honoured and excited to be an ambassador for the third time. 


I usually work in an office in Nanaimo full time but have been working from home during the pandemic and live in Parksville. I found Healthy Role Models while on maternity leave with my son and my life changed from that moment. 


I spent much of my childhood focused on my physical appearance and had negative conditioning in my brain. I have done every diet and way of eating there is. I have lost and gained my weight so many times I lost count, but hadn't found something that I enjoyed and could consistently stick to. I was feeling hopeless, anxious, depressed and detached and had spiraled to a very dark place. 


When I found HRM, my husband commented that he saw a spark in me he hadn't seen in a long time... the old me shone through a little. Each journey I've come closer to the lovable, open, outgoing, happy, energetic and unstoppable woman I anticipated I'd be when I was young, but somehow lost sight of along the way. And sometimes, I've learned new ways to cope with the challenges life throws at me. 


I'm so happy with my life now and am in such a great place physically and mentally. I am still a work in progress of course and that's awesome because it means I have more to experience, reach for and learn! I'm excited to continue transforming into the best version of myself alongside all of you!. I feel confident, strong and capable again. I used to let my fear of what others think trap me in a world I didn't enjoy. I love my strong self so much and am more confident now! 


My first journey was incredible! I went all in and gave it 110% which was possible because of naps and scheduling around my baby boy. I received the honour of being a finalist for the grand transformation prize and was on top of my game! I met so many new people and really jumped in with both feet to fully immerse myself in this way of life. I went to events and worked hard to get out of my own head and just try! I learned to ask myself "what if?" instead of "what if I fail?". 


My second journey I was back to work. With two kids in daycare and school, long work days and a commute I found balancing everything extremely challenging. I used that journey as an experiment for my lifestyle, really honing in on what worked for me. That journey taught me grace and compassion for myself and to do my best no matter what that looked like. I began to run more. Even with my groove being off, I still managed to run my first half marathon and two separate 10k races all within 3 weeks!! I felt unstoppable! I used to say I couldn't run because of my asthma and now I can't imagine a life without it! What challenges you, changes you and I was reaching for ALL the challenges!! 


My third journey, I found my groove! My workouts got done on lunch breaks which boosted me for the remainder of the day and into the evening. I really focused on learning to meal prep each week and the importance of planning my months. I centered my mind on my gratitude journal and focused on my mental and physical health to really thrive. My goals expanded and now I'm hiking various mountains and learning Spin!


In my fourth journey (my first as an ambassador) the pandemic hit. The journey I had planned just didn't go at all like any of us had expected and we had to adapt and shift and pivot every week. I continued to focus on what I could do; journal, meal prep, eat well, move my body daily, practice grace daily and really try to thrive while we were on lockdown. With both my kids at home while working full time from a room in my home, life and my rhythm from the previous journey got thrown for a loop again. The best part though was how much resilience I've built with the help of this community and how I was able to switch gears quickly and find a new groove for the duration of the pandemic. We CAN do hard things. 


In my fifth journey (second as ambassador) I was grooving again, with practice comes comfort. I was back to being a consistency queen and found a balance of working out and working from home and ensuring I was providing the best balance in life for myself and the HRM community. I also learned more about the impacts of proper nutrition and started seeing some additional progress. In the posse, life took some turns and thanks to HRM, I have the tools to navigate them while continuing to care for myself and my family. It is possible to face challenges, maintain consistent habits and continue to rise up and greet them. 


Every journey you experience a new perspective for that season of your life. Each journey you will learn, focus and grow! If you jump in with both feet, you'll learn how capable you are! HRM makes it easier to manage the ups and downs in life through the community of support and love. I am more consistent with my meals, workouts and movement than I have been in my life and I owe that learned discipline to Sarah and HRM. 


Another part of this program I hadn't experienced before is the charity work through Kids International Development Society (KIDS) which helps children and families struggling in a completely different part of the world. This program has changed more than just my life, it's also changed the lives of many children and their families and I'm so humbled to be a small part of that change in this world. The ripple effect of being a healthy role model really does spread into all facets of your life and it's the best kind of contagious.


The community surrounding you here is full of welcoming, supportive, empowering women with goals and dreams just like you. Everyone is at a different stage in their learning and fitness so keep your blinders on and KEEP GOING! Find someone that inspires you and tap into that motivation to propel you forward each day! When you're struggling, reach out to one of the ambassador's and we will help you navigate it. Keep an eye out for Sarah's vlogs as I find they ALWAYS come out at the moment I need to hear them most and I'm sure that might happen for you. 


Be open and try! One foot in front of the other, we're here to DO THIS, together!! I am so excited to be here with you for this epic journey and honoured to be one of your ambassadors!