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Tanna Payne Master Trainer for Healthy Role Models

Tanna Payne

Master Trainer


Hey! My name is Tanna, and I have a hard time talking about myself… But here goes ;) I am a wife, mother of two amazing little girls (Karlin 10, and Kenley 5), an OR nurse, a full-time athlete, personal trainer, and an Olympic weightlifting coach with Hercules Weightlifting Nanaimo. Over the years, I’ve competed in figure skating, swimming, kickboxing, and fitness modelling, but my absolute passion is Olympic Weightlifting.

I’ve been a lifter for 21 years now! As a senior lifter, I became provincial, and Western Canadian Champion multiple times, and realized my dream when I had the honour of representing Canada at the World University Championships in Pavia, Italy where I placed 12th. Now as a masters lifter, I continue to compete in local, provincial, and national competitions. In 2018, I lived my dream again by competing at the Worlds Masters Weightlifting Championships in Barcelona, Spain where accomplished an 8th place world ranking. 

My love for health, fitness, and science lead me to become a personal trainer over 20 years ago. I’ve worked with many men, woman, teens, and kids in various avenues from one on one personal training, to group training, Mauy Thai kickboxing camps, strength and conditioning, and highly competitive athletes in a variety of sports. It means the world to me to watch someone, in any setting, realize that they are capable of so much more than they ever imagined.

I want to be a role model first and foremost for my little girls, to teach them to be humble, compassionate, kind, hard-working women who are not afraid to chase their dreams, be fierce, be leaders, and pursue their goals no matter what obstacle they must smash through.

I also want to be a role model for women in general. I want them to know that balance with life demands and health/fitness goals does exist and that they are absolutely worth it. I want women to celebrate every small step in their fitness journey because there are many things to celebrate while pursuing the end goal.
I am so happy to be a part of Healthy Role Models, and having the opportunity to work with one of my closest friends Sarah and all you amazing woman!

When Sarah approached me with the amazing opportunity, I had the feeling that many of you may have felt at first……is this too much? Can I do this? Will I let someone down? ….. once I stopped listening to my head and started listening to my heart, I heard the undeniable HECK YES YOU CAN!!!! Although I like very much being a nurse, I LOVE being a trainer and I want everyone to know I am your biggest fan, and I got your back

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