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Sarah Gilks

Trainer, Coach, CEO/Creator

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “life is a journey, not a destination” and, now more than ever, I could not agree with him more.  I feel so lucky to have found the path that... more

Master Trainer

Candice Fraser

Director of Client Care

I am back!!!  For those of you who don’t know me my name is Candice. I am a wife to two beautiful Kids Addison and Hudson. I am just returning from Maternity Leave... more

Alec Watson HRM Photographer

Alec Watson

Creative Director

Hi, my name is Alec, I am super lucky, and grateful, to have made a good living as an artist my whole life. I started out in music in my 20's... more

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Natasha Wilch

Community! The love, power and growth you can experience when you surround yourself with inspiring people ~ and that is exactly what HRM is!  I joined HRM ...more


HRM Physiotherapist


Lea Smith

Nutrition and Wellness Coach

I see you…yes, you! A woman who doesn’t trust her body and feels uncomfortable in her own skin. A woman who feels she is doing the right things, but isn’t getting results ... more


Katie Marren

Team Bios

Yoga Instructor