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Toni Monique ~ Campbell River, BC


WELCOME to each and everyone of you AMAZING women and our Spring 2021 journey! You are taking your step towards wellness and you should be so proud and SO EXCITED!!  The investment your about to embark on is like no other you’ll ever experience.  This journey will boost your best version of you on more levels than you can imagine!!!

I have been journey-ing with HRM since Autumn 2017! This will be my 7th journey and I don’t foresee every not being a part of this community.  I had the honor of being an ambassador back in Autumn 2018 and what an incredible experience to see this community thrive and be part of the team.  Now I am back!! 

I am so excited to be back as ambassador!

My health, wellness and fitness journey began in my early 20s, over 20 years ago.  There were times when I was not committed and frankly didn’t know what I was doing.  I quickly became a cardio addict…an hour on machines and cardio gym classes…why not? For years that is all I did.  Cardio. Oh yah, and under eat.  This went on for years!

I have always struggled with body dysmorphia, which is painful to say because as so many people know it is incredibly challenging to process and try to let go of.  It has been a continual lesson and I will work on shifting this mindset for myself but most importantly my daughter!  Healthy strong bodies look all sorts of ways…remember this, it is actual science!

Enter HRM, I was introduced by my best friend.  I had an extensive back ground of fitness training and was currently training with kettlebells and loving it but decided I would take her word for it and join in.  She couldn’t stop telling me how incredible the community was.  Prep week of Autumn 2017 hooked me, I became a lifer instantly.

I find myself now working on wellness, the whole spectrum.  Not just loosing weight or getting PB’s (even those are super rad!)  HRM continues to inspire me to work towards, my best version of me! This mindset has waterfalled down to my kids, my husband, my friendships and the way I show up in this world.  Healthy Role Models and all we stand for is truly incredible.  You want in on this!  I enjoy fueling my body with tons of nutrient dense foods, I wake up to get my sweat on in the wee hours of the morning AND I take rest days.  Go figure?! We can do it all and feel amazing.  I feel the most balanced I have ever felt in my life and its not to do with how I look.  It is to do with how I SHOW UP! The side effects of a strong body are a bonus!

Being a part of a diverse, eclectic, wide range of all types of women is like nothing you will ever experience! The workouts are sweaty (made for everyone) the nutritional component is well thought out, sustainable and really a sense of wellness (no restrictions here!) and the COMMUNITY is something we all need, more than you know.

I will be here, cheering you on, sweating along side you and living my best life through all the ups and downs inspired by you.

So much LOVE to you!


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